Valet Attendant Application


 A Five Star Valet Attendant is responsible for providing service excellent in all guest interactions. The Valet Attendant works closely with his peers, supervisors and managers to ensure that 5 Star Valet quality standards are met and exceeded. This position is a hands-on role that requires excellent customer service skills and vehicle operating proficiency in a physically demanding environment. When operating guest vehicles, safety and compliance with state and local laws is our/your main concern, while anticipating your next move to keep up with the demands of the operation.


* Exceed service expectations of our guests
* Communicate respectfully and eloquently at all times with guests, the client, and your teammates
* Smile and be ‘on stage’ with a friendly and professional demeanor
* Greet all guests upon arrival in a timely manner, opening guest vehicle doors, assisting with wheelchairs/walkers when necessary.


* Ensure safe and appropriate operation of guest vehicles
* Direct traffic when necessary
* Be proactive and anticipate guests’ needs as well as your teams.
* Be on time and ready (dressed in uniform) to work your scheduled shift
* Adhere to 5 Star grooming standards and maintain a neat and clean appearance
* Immediately report any incidents or claims to your supervisor/manager


* Request and collect relevant fees for use of service
* Assist in reconciling end of shift revenue against the ticket distribution
* Live by the motto “run fast and drive slow" to minimize any vehicle damage


* Must pass a criminal background check
* Must pass a pre-employment drug screening
* Must hold a valid driver’s license in the state of Florida with a clean driving record
* Must hold driver's license for at least 4 years and pass driver's license check


* Hourly rate: $5.44 plus gratuity
* Locations where valet is working will vary from schedule to schedule
* Flexible work schedule required